Presswood Pallets

  • Easy Hand Pallet Truck Access.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Pallets conform to ISPM 15.
  • High Water Resistance.
  • Space Saving By Over 50%.
  • Competitively Priced.
  • Solid Deck.
  • No Nails.

Our Prices

Size(mm) PalletRef ImageDynamic Loading Tare PalletsPer Stack Less Than1 Stack1 Stack 3 Stack 5 Stack 10 Stack
400 x 600F44
PDF File
250 KG2.5 KG 220£3.60£3.13 £2.92£2.82 £2.72
400 x 600F36
PDF File
500 KG3 KG180£4.76£4.13£3.73£3.60£3.47
600 x 800F64M
PDF File
500 KG5 KG120£5.86£5.12£4.77£4.62£4.45
600 x 800F64S
PDF File
1000 KG5.5 KG 120£7.35£6.40£6.14£5.93£5.72
800 x 1200F86
PDF File
350 KG7 KG60£8.75£7.59£7.40£7.15£6.89
800 x 1200F8LF2
PDF File
900KG10 KG50£11.00£9.56£8.75£8.45£8.16
800 x 1200F8LF2S
PDF File
1250 KG12 KG50£13.61£12.45£11.19£10.82£10.44
1000 x 1200F10-FIVE
PDF File
600 KG13 KG60£12.57£11.62£11.23 £10.86£10.48
1000 x 1200F10M
PDF File
900 KG15 KG50£14.40£12.48£11.69£11.28£10.89
1000 x 1200F10S
PDF File
1250 KG20 KG50£17.59£15.25£14.76£14.25£13.73
1140 x 1140F11
PDF File
900 KG14 KG50£14.40£12.48£11.80 £11.40£10.99
1140 x 1140F11S
PDF File
1250 KG19 KG50£17.59£15.38£14.87£14.37£14.29

Terms For Presswood Pallets only

Prices are exclusive of delivery and VAT. Our terms of business are strictly net 30 days for account customers or payment with order. Minimum order value £100. Orders of less than £250 (excluding delivery & VAT) are accepted with payment. Pallets can support static (standing) loads equal to four times dynamic capacity when loads are evenly spread on an even surface. All loading capacities stated refer to evenly distributed and secured loads and may be affected by alternative load configurations. Tare weights listed are approximate. Presswood Pallets should not be used unsupported In beam or drive-in racking. The manufacturers reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Prices For Larger Quantities Are Available Upon Request