Export Packing Cases

As companies continue to develop their sales in order to secure a profitable future, very often they must look outside their domestic marketplace.

In the export process expendable packaging plays an important role due to different climate conditions, handling methods and other factors involved in exporting to new markets. Export packaging is an ideal solution for many companies because it requires minimal investment.

Since the packaging is designed for one-time use, large capital investments are avoided. Companies can also save money through bulk orders, where price discounts are given on the large quantities of purchased export packaging.

If you require an item to be packed you can deliver it to us or we can arrange appropriate transport for collection. We manufacture cases for anything from the smallest personal effect to a 70 Ton Turbine Rotor.

Firstly we assess the size and weight of the item as this can greatly alter the specification of the case.

Some important factors to be considered are whether or not the item is point loaded, how the case is going to be lifted, how the case is going to be transported and what its final destination is. Then the case is manufactured, packed, weighed and marked up ready for shipping or returned back to the customer. We can provide a full shipping/transport service or you can arrange your own and get the goods collected from us when packed. We have no minimum order, from one to a hundred we will quote you to best suit your needs.

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