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Acorn Packaging Services Ltd are dedicated to reducing waste, saving energy and using timber and plywood sourced from legally well-managed Forests, therefore minimising the impact we may have on the environment.

The European Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into force on the 3rd March 2013. This is an important consideration for all Companies that deal with Timber and Timber-based products such as Plywood and other Panel Products made of timber. The aim of the regulation is to ensure that all timber based products imported into the EU do not contain illegally sourced timber.

Failure to comply with the EUTR will mean that penalties may be incurred by the importing Company which could involve confiscation of the products and/or financial penalties such as fines. Acorn Packaging Services Ltd recognises the importance of the EUTR and agrees with the aims of its introduction. Under the EUTR guidelines Acorn Packaging Services ltd would be classified as a “Trader” and it would be our responsibility to carry out the necessary “due diligence” to reduce the risk of illegal wood being used.

As a timber packaging manufacturer, It is our company policy to actively avoid wherever possible, the use of any materials from illegal or non-sustainable sources in the manufacture of our products.

We have taken steps to reduce our risk of using illegally sourced timber products by contacting all our suppliers and asking them for their own policy statements regarding the European Timber Regulation (EUTR). We are keeping a record of these statements along with any responsible timber purchaser, FSC and PEFC certifications on file, thus preventing the risk of trading with non-compliant suppliers. When purchasing our timber and plywood we keep detailed stock records and can quickly identify where the products have been purchased from, and to whom they’ve been sold to. These records are kept for a minimum of 5 years. All of this means that we are confident that our customers can be assured that Acorn Packaging Services Ltd will have taken all the necessary actions to ensure that the timber packaging we manufacture will be fully compliant with the EUTR regulations. Our customers must also keep their own records for purchases and sales of all their timber products.

Please click on the PDF for a quick guide to the EUTR.
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