Plywood Batten Round Cases

These are one of the most common packing cases that we manufacture. They are normally constructed from 8mm exterior grade plywood with 16 X 75 mm battens and a 50 X 75 mm framed base, depending on the weight of the item being packed. For more heavy duty items they would be constructed with 25 X 100 mm battens, thicker plywood and a more heavy duty base. Internal fittings can also be added.

Collapsible Metal Edge Case

The collapsible case is a riveted metal edged packing case that is great for storage purposes and makes an ideal small, but very strong box. This case is normally used for one off shipments but can be re-used if screwed together.

Metal Edge Transit Boxes

The Transit Case, which is another Metal Edged Type of case that can be used for repeat transportation. Again this is another very strong case that can be easily expanded and stored very efficiently.

This case is not really suited to one off shipments.

Large Softwood Lined Cases

Acorn Packaging Services Limited were asked to manufacture cases (as seen in the picture to the right) which would support part of a gas turbine rotor after refurbishment, therefore enabling the customer to export it back to there customer safely. The larger Frame 9FA Turbine Rotors which can weigh up to 100 Ton genrally ship fully assembled. The only way to transport these is on a set of Turbine Stands as pictured below. These comprised of two end stands and one centre support. This enables the rotor to be transported for refurbishment without the removal of the buckets. Rotor Transport StandsWe also specialize in manufacturing cases for turbine rotor components. Acorn Packaging Services create all there products to order, hence there is no such thing as a standard case. Anyone who says there is, will not be packing your item correctly. Would you want your precious motorbike going abroad in an ill fitting case. This is why we make sure everything is right from start to finish, ensuring our customers peace of mind when shipping there goods.

Clip Together Cases

Clip together cases are strong, reusable, easy to assemble and dismantle and great if storage is a problem. These can be made in many different sizes to suit various shipping requirements. They also work well as a storage solution or in pallet racking.

Bespoke Pallets

Bespoke pallets made to any specification to suit machinery or difficult to ship objects. We also manufacture your basic style pallets in non-standard sizes as two way entry or four way entry with open slatted decks or solid deck. Please call or email your specification for a competitive quote.

Presswood Pallets

  • Space Saving By Over 50%.
  • Competitively Priced.
  • Solid Deck.
  • No Nails.
  • Easy Hand Pallet Truck Access.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Pallets conform to ISPM 15.
  • High Water Resistance.

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