Partitioned Cases

Acorn Packaging is a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of a large and varied range of packaging products, including cases and crates of different types.

We have a wide product range to suit the needs and requirements of companies, businesses and individuals in a diverse range of industries. We supply stacked crates, fixed crates, packaging boxes and also partitioned crates and partitioned cases.

The partitioned crates that we supply are of the highest quality, we ensure that they are extremely strong and durable using the best material available for all of our packaging products. We design and manufacture partitioned cases for a number of different industries and they are widely used in material handling operations in industries, trade and also retail markets.

The crates will ensure easy handling and come in a diverse range of different shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of each individual customer.

So for all of your packaging products that are of the highest quality, including cases and partitioned cases come and see us at Acorn Packaging. If there isn’t a product that suffices your specific needs then speak to one of our packaging consultants and we can tailor manufacture packaging products to suit you.

All of our partitioned cases are heavy duty and are completely resistant to moisture whilst also being recyclable. We are one of the UK’s market leaders when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of partitioned cases, the cases and crates are partitioned using plywood retainers for the partitions. The partitioned cases and crates that we design and manufacture are made using quality plywood material that ensures a high durability with use with a lasting trouble free service.

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