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Acorn Packaging specialise in manufacturing all aspects of wood based packaging to be used primarily for export packing and stock large amounts of heat treated timber and plywood.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the UK for high quality timber and plywood packaging for many purposes. The main core of our business is based on export packing and bespoke wooden packing crates.

Also we do shelving and internal fittings for containers as well as many more products like timber and plywood, garden decking and pressure treated timber. If you need any aspect of timber or plywood for any specific need and you do not come across the products on our website, just ask and you can be assured that we will tailor design a product to deal with your demands.

We offer quite a wide range of both plywood and timber that ranges from many different types, sizes and levels of thickness to comply with your required export packaging needs. Over the many years that we have been established we have managed to forge a fabulous reputation both within the industry and also amongst our long list of happy customers from who we receive a lot of repeat business. We are able to boast a great reputation locally and nationally due to our professional and flexible approach when it comes to complying with the customer needs. So for any type of timber and plywood, specifically for export packaging please come and visit us at Acorn Packaging and let us deal with your needs by supplying you with products of the highest order.

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